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Eye Health And Supplements

Taking care of your eyes has many benefits, from being able to perform tasks each day to protecting eyesight over your lifetime. Southside Eye Care offers a comprehensive range of services, such as routine eye care, cataract surgery and diabetic eye care, to help keep your eyes healthy and working properly. You can also take steps […]

Cosmetic Services Chesapeake, VA

Valentine’s Day Treatments

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you still have time for some last-minute cosmetic treatments before your special celebration of love. With our dermal fillers and injectable treatments, you can reduce lines and wrinkles, enhance your lips and even rejuvenate your hands. The treatments require no downtime, and you see results immediately. Lines in the […]

Eye Procedures Chesapeake, VA

Tips For Your Laser Vision Correction

Now that your laser vision correction procedure is scheduled, you may be daydreaming about seeing clearly without contact lenses and eyeglasses. To have the best possible experience and outcome of your laser vision correction, we have some tips for how to prepare for the time before and after the appointment. Clean Face and Eyes Your face […]

Optical Shop Chesapeake, VA

Your Eyeglasses Say A Lot About You

Eyeglasses play many roles, from improving our vision to being accessories for our favorite outfits. Each person has a unique list of criteria for making the final selection. Perhaps some go purely for functionality while others want their new specs to bring out their eyes or make another feature less prominent. What you may not […]

Eye Care | Chesapeake, VA

2018: The Year To Redefine Your Look

With the New Year almost upon us, now is the time to consider ways to redefine your look. As they say, “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” and enhancements in this part of the face can dramatically change your appearance. Southside Eye Center offers several options, including aesthetic consultations to get you started. What […]

Eye Conditions Chesapeake, VA

Understanding Astigmatism

Being told that you have astigmatism during a routine eye exam may seem intimidating, but almost every person has the condition to some degree. Astigmatism is a medical term that describes a cornea that is not perfectly round and that certain considerations are needed for your contact lenses and eyeglasses. How Does Astigmatism Affect My Eyesight? […]

High quality frames & lenses

The Optical Shoppe is conveniently located in our office and offers high quality frames and lenses along with excellent customer service. Guided by a licensed optician, our trained staff helps you to select frames that fit your lifestyle and compliment your facial appearance. There are hundreds of frame styles and brands to choose from to […]


We are grateful to serve the Hampton Roads area for over 15 years. Our dedicated staff’s mission is to achieve and maintain your best possible vision. We accomplish this by focusing on each individual’s particular vision needs. We employ certified, highly-skill technicians to guarantee that our patients receive the attentive service and state-of-the-art care the […]