Caring for Your Eyeglasses

It is easy to take eyeglasses for granted – until something happens and they become broken or unusable. Take care of your eyeglasses by following these tips – and make sure that if your child has just started wearing glasses, they also know how to take care of them.

Cleaning and care of eyeglasses

You should always follow the advice of your eye doctor, of course, when it comes to your glasses, but here are some general tips:

• Get help from where you bought your glasses if a lens has popped out or if they need adjustment. Trying to fix it yourself may damage the frames. And, if they are scratched, you should also take them in for repair – the internet may have tips on how to fix scratches, but following these tips might result in more damage.

• Make sure you don’t leave your glasses in a dangerous spot, such as on the edge of a table where they could fall off and get stepped on, and make sure they are out of reach of children! It is best to store them in a hard, protective case in a safe spot.

• To clean your eyeglasses, use eyeglass cleaner or wipes. You can also use water and a soft, microfiber cloth to dry them. Never use paper products or your shirt to clean your glasses – these might be too abrasive and end up scratching your lenses. Only use products that are made specifically for cleaning eyeglasses – other products can harm them. Window cleaner, for example, might contain ammonia that can strip off any coating on your eyeglasses.

If you start to notice any changes in your vision, though, it might not just be dirty glasses! It may be time for a change in your prescription. Other signs that it may be time to visit your eye doctor include frequent headaches and having to squint to see correctly.

Make sure you take care of your eyeglasses so that they can continue to serve you well. However, if you decide you’ve had enough of wearing glasses, you might also consider switching to contacts or having a laser correction procedure! Whichever you prefer, Southside Eye Care can help. Call (757) 484-0101 today!


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