Beauty Trends and Eye Health

Beauty trends are ever-changing and evolving.  As far back as ancient Egypt, cosmetics have been used around the eye, lids and lashes.   As a culture, we continue spending countless dollars on ways to look our best, often overlooking the harmful side effects of some products. Whether you are at the forefront of fashion or lagging […]

Considering eye care solutions with vision insurance

The staff of Southside Eye Care in Chesapeake, VA understands the importance of routine vision care. However, many patients are unsure as to how they will pay for their vision examinations. Thankfully, many patients who have vision insurance plans through their work or through self-employment may enjoy many benefits that come with these insurance plans. […]

Advances in Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

Computer technology has made amazing progress in the push to make devices smaller and easier to use.  For example, 30 years ago, a computer as powerful as the one inside an iPhone would have been the size of a large bookcase and only a computer expert would have any idea how to use it. In […]

Am I a candidate for iLasik?

At Southside Eye Care, our doctors offer a selection of services for Chesapeake, VA area patients who are dealing with poor vision. iLasik is a procedure offered by our doctors, Drs. Michael Keverline, Theodore Hallberg, and Erin Savage, that can be used to improve eyesight and eliminate the patient’s need for contacts or eyeglasses. Eliminating […]

Conjunctivitis | South side eye care

Understanding conjunctivitis

Did you wake up this morning with red, itchy eyes that are crusted over? Are you experiencing eye irritation which is making it difficult to function during the day? Have you been exposed to pink eye? If so, you may have conjunctivitis yourself! Conjunctivitis, known more as conjunctivitis, is a condition that can impact one’s […]

Eye say; Have a Happy New Year!

The holiday season is over and come January we will have started 2020 off with a bang. Now I know we will all be coming out of our food comas as we recover from over-eating all that delicious holiday food. Let’s get the New Year off to a good start.  Break out that exercise equipment […]

Corneal Disease

Conditions that can impact the cornea

The cornea is the part of the eye’s outermost layer. This clear and dome-shape surface is located at the front of the eye, and provides protection from UV radiation and focuses light for clear vision. The cornea has five layers, each which has an import function. All layers should be clear to ensure proper vision. […]

Give the Gift of LASIK

Many families are starting the holiday season.   Whether in high school or college, students will be home on break for the holidays.  Before students return to school or college in the New Year, parents/grandparents may be considering what type of Christmas gift would be meaningful and long-lasting for the student in their life.  If the […]

When Should Patients Consider Laser Treatment for Eye Floaters?

At Southside Eye Care, Chesapeake, VA area men and women can seek treatment for their eye care needs with our team of professionals. Drs. Michael Keverline, Theodore Hallberg, and Elizabeth Chiang work together to offer the best solutions for a wide range of medical and cosmetic concerns. One treatment our patients often want to learn […]

Optical Shoppe at Southside Eye Care in Chesapeake VA

Five reasons why patients may consider prescription sunglasses

Sunglasses are often thought as a fashion statement, but they actually serve a purpose and function—to protect your eyesight. There are many ways in which prescription sunglasses help maintain eye health, and the team at Southside Eye Care is here to break it down for you! Prescription sunglasses block blue light. Blue light, or HEV […]

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