October Is Home Eye Safety Awareness Month

industrial worker with hardhat and eye protection glasses
industrial worker with hardhat and eye protection glasses

You probably don’t think too much about the health of your eyes, but the unfortunate fact is that it only takes a second for an accident to happen that can affect your eyes, your vision, and the rest of your life. You don’t have to work someplace dangerous to sustain an eye injury – it can happen as you go about your daily life at home. In honor of Home Eye Safety Awareness Month, here is a list of some common eye injuries and what to do about them.

Take care of your eyes

If you are doing anything that could result in an eye injury – such as enjoying a woodworking hobby – it is important to wear the proper eye safety equipment. But unfortunately, eye injuries can happen when you weren’t expecting (or prepared) for them.

It is important to react quickly to an eye emergency such as:

• Chemicals in the eye. Use water (or any drinkable liquid you have handy) to flush the eye. If possible, hold the eye under a running shower or faucet, keeping the eye open as wide as possible as the water runs over it. Get medical help as soon as you can.

• A cut to the eye. Don’t wash the eye, and if the object is still stuck in the eye, don’t try to remove it. Get medical help as soon as you can.

• Debris in the eye. Allow your natural tears to wash it out. If this doesn’t work, use an eyewash, and if that doesn’t work, keep the eye closed, bandage it without putting pressure on it, and see your doctor.

• A blow to the eye. Without putting pressure on it, apply a cold compress. See your doctor right away if you have pain, a black eye, or reduced vision, because these can be signs that your eye has internal damage.

It only takes a second to sustain an eye injury that can change your life forever. Act quickly if your eyes are injured, and take care of your vision by seeing your eye doctor. Call Southside Eye Care for an appointment. Call (757) 484-0101 today!


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