Don’t Let Medical Conditions Such as Diabetes Affect Your Vision Health

Diabetes has become increasing common in today’s field of medicine. While many relate it to controlling sugars, they may forget that diabetes can impact other areas of one’s body. This includes one’s eyesight.

Who is at risk for diabetes?

Most are aware that blood sugar and insulin relate to diabetes. Unfortunately, many are unaware of what puts them at risk for developing diabetes. While the exact reason for insulin depletion and resistance is unknown, it does seem to appear as a genetic condition that may also be impacted by environmental factors. Patients with a family history of diabetes are at a higher risk of developing it, as well as those in specific ethnic populations such as Hispanics, African Americans, and Native Americans. Outside of your genetic code, certain lifestyle factors can increase risk, including those who are overweight, inactive, or over the age of 45.

How does diabetes impact the eyes?

When patients have uncontrolled levels of blood sugar, it can cause a weakening of the small blood vessels in the body. The areas with the smallest blood vessels are at a higher risk, including the blood vessels in the eyes. Damaged blood vessels in the eye can cause blindness and vision distortion. Also known as diabetic retinopathy, this diabetic eye disease can have a slow onset but can become a serious cause of vision loss over time.

How can I safeguard my vision from complications related to diabetes?

For patients who live with diabetes, it is essential that these individuals are proactive with their condition. This means maintaining a healthy diet, staying physically active, and taking medications as prescribed by the doctor. By maintaining the condition and minimizing diabetic complications, patients can protect their eyesight as well. Patients with diabetes should also visit Southside Eye Care for routine eye examinations at least once a year to monitor for changes in eyesight.

Ready to learn more about diabetes and vision?

Request an appointment with the team at Southside Eye Care. Drs. Michael Keverline, Theodore Hallberg, and Elizabeth Chiang of Chesapeake, VA are pleased to help new and existing patients with their vision needs. Contact the practice by calling (757) 484-0101 and visit personally at 3206 Churchland Boulevard.


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