Understanding Graves’ Disease: Symptoms and Causes

Close,Up,On,Eyes,Of,Young,Woman,With,Dyed,Hair The thyroid has a huge impact on how the body functions, particularly the effectiveness of its endocrine system. Located in the front of the neck, one of the key functions of the thyroid involves regulating how much people eat and when, ergo, their metabolism. Not only does this regulate the frequency of nutrition for the body and daily energy, but it also impacts the psychological mood of a person as well. 

When the thyroid is producing too much of its hormones, it is over-active or in a state of hyperthyroidism. This is one of the key symptoms of Graves’ Eye disease, a condition that puts the thyroid into overdrive. Side effects of the thyroid also include neck swelling as well as bulging eyes. Adult women tend to make up the majority of patients, but men can suffer from Grave’s disease as well. 

Effects on the Eyes

Grave’s Eye disease can cause noticeable swelling around the eyes and cause them to bulge out to the point of making it hard to close the eyelids when resting. This effect then makes the eyes sensitive to light, easily irritated from drying out, and need extra moisture due to being exposed more to air.

The symptoms do subside with time, but treatment in the meantime focuses on keeping the eyes moisturized and clean as well as protecting them from contact due to bulging. In more severe cases, prescriptions can be provided to help reduce the swelling temporarily. Patients should not feel they have to suffer through the problem without medical help to at least reduce the symptom effects temporarily.

Obtain Effective Treatment for Grave’s Eye Disease

If you have been diagnosed, believe you are realizing symptoms of it, or are worried you have started to deal with a thyroid issue, and it may be Grave’s Eye disease, a doctor’s evaluation and diagnosis is the best step forward. Call us at Southside Eye Care to set up an eye exam when possible. You can reach our team at 757-484-0101 or on our website contact page. Don’t deal with symptoms in the dark; we can help!


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