4 Methods of Addressing Chronic Dry Eye for Chesapeake, VA Patients

Sometimes, our natural tears are not enough. Patients in the community of Chesapeake, VA who are struggling with conditions such as dry eye may want to seek the assistance of an eye doctor. In fact, this condition impacts almost 300 million men and women worldwide. At Southside Eye Care, our professionals, including Drs. Michael Keverline, Theodore Hallberg, and Elizabeth Chiang, can help patients address this condition effectively.

Symptoms of dry eye

Some of the more common symptoms of dry eye include more than just dryness. Patients may experience:

  • A gritty or sandy feeling in the eye
  • Excessive tearing
  • Burning and itching of the eye
  • Eye redness
  • Blurred vision

Treatment options

Once a patient has received a proper diagnosis of dry eye, treatment options may be discussed. There are several methods of treatment available to patients at Southside Eye Care. Treatment may include:

  • Over-the-counter artificial eye drops – most patients with mild to moderate dry eye can address their condition with the regular use of artificial tears. These are eye drops available at the local drugstore that can be administered several times a day to hydrate the eyes and prevent the dryness that can become so bothersome.
  • Prescription eye drops – sometimes our patients benefit from a stronger solution against dry eye such as prescription eye drop therapy. These can be extremely successful in helping patients combat dry eye but can sometimes take several weeks before improvement is notable. Long-term, these provide great relief for many of our patients dealing with chronic dry eye.
  • Punctal plugs – for more severe cases of dry eye, patients can speak to their doctor about the use of punctal plugs. These are commonly covered by medical insurance and can be performed quickly in the practice. A small silicone device called a plug is placed into the lower eyelid. It retains more of the hydration that occurs with natural tearing. Punctal plugs can be used along with artificial tears or prescription eye drops for optimum relief.
  • Surgical intervention – in some cases, patients may need to have surgery to address blocked tear ducts. By clearing the blockage in the glands, the doctor can help restore gland function and greatly reduce chronic dry eye that may occur directly from gland blockage.

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At Southside Eye Care, Drs. Michael Keverline, Theodore Hallberg, and Elizabeth Chiang can address a wide range of general vision and eye concerns, including dry eye. Patients in the area of Chesapeake, VA or the surrounding communities who are interested in addressing conditions such as chronic dry eye are welcome to schedule an appointment by calling (757) 484-0101. We accept new patients seeking comprehensive care from our team of ophthalmologists.


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