How Punctal Plugs Can Help with Dry Eye

Tired,Teen,Girl,Rubbing,Dry,Irritable,Eyes,Feel,Eye,Strain If you’re one of the 16.4 million people in America with dry eye, you know how scratchiness and discomfort can take away from life’s big moments. Even the eye drops you use are only so effective, and if you miss a dose, your eyes feel like sand. Thankfully, there are other solutions for more eye moisture, such as punctal plugs. Keep reading so you can learn the basics of these plugs and how they can assist with dry eye.

What Are Punctal Plugs?

Punctal plugs are a treatment for dry eye. Sometimes referred to as occluders, the plugs are implanted into the eyelid near the puncta, hence the name. This part of the eye allows for tear drainage, but slowing that process keeps the eyes moist for longer.

Implantation of the plugs is considered an outpatient procedure performed by an eye doctor. It’s a quick and efficient process that takes minutes. Each punctal plug is tiny, about the size of a rice grain, and will not irritate your eyes or impede your vision. You can select from various sizes and shapes for punctal plugs to ensure a good fit.

Who’s Eligible for Punctal Plugs?

You can receive punctal plugs from an eye doctor if you’ve used dry-eye ointments and drops for an extended period without long-term relief.

How Long Do Punctal Plugs Last?

Initially, you will receive a set of temporary punctal plugs. They dissolve within several months at most, but it can take days for some patients.

After this trial period, so to speak, your eye doctor will speak with you about the severity of your dry eye symptoms while using punctal plugs. If the symptoms decrease markedly enough, you can get a permanent set of plugs installed for longer-term dry eye relief.

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