Your Eyeglasses Say A Lot About You

Optical Shop Chesapeake, VA Eyeglasses play many roles, from improving our vision to being accessories for our favorite outfits. Each person has a unique list of criteria for making the final selection. Perhaps some go purely for functionality while others want their new specs to bring out their eyes or make another feature less prominent. What you may not realize, though, is that eyeglasses reveal much more about you than a need for vision correction.

The Trendsetter

Trendsetters are always the first. They try new technologies, set the course for fashion and bring unique perspectives into the limelight. Being a trendsetter takes a combination of confidence, foresight and an uncanny ability to know what will be popular amongst the masses. Eyeglasses with modern shapes, a hint of flair and a touch of color tell the world that you are leading the way.

The Student of Life

Awareness, introspection and interconnection are all signs of the Student of Life. This is someone who sees things in a unique way, and brings valuable wisdom and insights to the world, but only after periods of quiet thought. Eyeglasses allow for clarity and attention to detail, yet the design is understated.

The Influencer

Charm, charisma and a certain vibe are indicators that you are near the Influencer, a person who must be taken seriously, but also be seen as approachable and warm. This personable confidence is shown in eyeglasses with delicate metal frames adorned in metallic colors. Plastic frames are rare, but when these more modern styles are selected, the colors are monotone, and shapes are more traditional.

The Outdoorsy Type

Functionality and edgy fashion are at the top of the list for the Outdoorsy Type. Eyeglass styles may wrap around the eyes to prevent sunlight from interfering with the perfect view of mountainous vistas or the next handhold on a rock face. Durable eyeglass materials are a must, as this adventure seeker is sure to be hanging out in the highest, wettest, steepest, muddiest locations.

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