2018: The Year To Redefine Your Look

Cosmetic Services Chesapeake, VA With the New Year almost upon us, now is the time to consider ways to redefine your look. As they say, “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” and enhancements in this part of the face can dramatically change your appearance. Southside Eye Center offers several options, including aesthetic consultations to get you started.

What to Expect from an Aesthetic Consultation

When you think of eye care, you may imagine vision checks, tests for eye conditions and discussing options for your eyeglass lenses. An aesthetic consultation goes a step further by helping you find ways to make your eyes look even more amazing. The private consultation may include:

  • How to balance vision correction with your personal style
  • Ways to protect your vision and eyes
  • Treatments for cosmetic concerns that take attention away from your eyes
  • Finding eyewear that fits your lifestyle and the shape of your face
  • Techniques for accentuating your eyes

Popular Aesthetic Improvements for the Eyes

Your eye area requires more attention than any other part of your face. The skin is very delicate and prone to developing wrinkles, and your eyes are vulnerable to sun damage, infections, particles and a myriad of other problems. These aspects should be considered when you are making aesthetic changes to your appearance. Southside Eye Center has the expertise you need to find ways to redefine your look and keep your eyes healthy. We may recommend:

Anti-Aging Treatments for Your Eyes

Southside Eye Center is proud to offer anti-aging treatments for the eye area and forehead. Reducing lines and wrinkles around your eyes with our skin rejuvenation treatments helps you look years younger. We also offer eyelid surgery to help with sagging upper and lower eyelids.

Ready to Redefine Your Look? Contact Southside Eye Center.

To learn more about bladeless vision correction, dry eye treatments, astigmatism correction and our other services, contact Southside Eye Care. You can also contact our Chesapeake, Virginia, office directly at (757) 484-0101. We look forward to hearing from you!


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