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Optical Shoppe Chesapeake VA We don’t know about you, but we’re so happy that spring is finally here! We’re planning our garden and getting ready for more flowers and time spent outside. But, before you get ahead of yourself, do you have the necessary gear to keep yourself safe? Sure, you’ll need gloves and a nice cushion to kneel on, but you may also need sunglasses if you’re spending a lot of time outside.

This is because exposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays can cause damage to your eyes. And, adding insult to injury, when you squint you may be causing little wrinkles to appear around your eyes. But, before you decide to splurge on expensive sunglasses or forget and buy a cheap pair at the beach, you should know the best features to look for.

UV Protection

If nothing else, this is the requirement for new or current sunglasses in your life. If you have an older pair and don’t remember if they provide UV protection, consider upgrading, especially if they feel cheap. They may look nice on your face, but eye protection is what we’re aiming for. Exposure to UV rays can lead to damage to your eyes, and even sunburn or skin cancer. When you think you need sunscreen, you probably also should bring sunglasses.

Color of Lenses

A cool color or super dark shades can be really nice, but understand that dark colors won’t make up for UV protection. The pupil of your eye adjust with the amount of light available to allow just the right amount into your eye to help you see. What’s interesting is, if you’re wearing dark lenses, your pupil will open up more to adjust for the lack of light. If your dark sunglasses don’t offer UV protection, you could be doing more harm to your eyes than if you weren’t wearing sunglasses.

If you’re not sure what to get, get in touch with us to learn more about eye health. We can help you make smarter choices to keep your eyes healthy this summer! Give us a call at (757) 484-0101 to schedule a consultation today.


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