Are Online Eyeglasses Your Best Option?

Optical Shop Chesapeake, VA Recently several companies have offered online eyeglass ordering, and the convenience may appeal to many men and women. Before you order your new glasses online, consider some factors that may influence you to continue using the optical shop at Southside Eye Care.

Fit of Your New Eyeglasses

Many of the online optical stores offer an interface that allows you to upload a picture and virtually try on different styles of eyeglasses. You can see if you look best in round lenses, metal frames, tortoise shell patterns and much more. Aesthetics are an important part of choosing new eyeglasses, but so is proper fit. The glasses may look good, but once you actually try them on, you may realize that the bridge or stems do not feel comfortable. Choosing frames at our optical shop helps you evaluate both the fit and aesthetics.

Seeing is Believing

Have you ever noticed that colors look differently on your phone, work computer and home computer? The reason for this is that each type of screen has a different color temperature. This may cast an almost imperceptible yellowish or bluish filter on the colors that you see. No imagine finding the perfect eyeglass frames online only to get them and realize that the colors do not match what you saw on the web. In our optical shop, we use lighting that shows the actual color of your eyeglass frames.

Professional Support

Friends and family can help you choose a pair of eyeglass frames from an online store but working with a professionally trained optician ensures that the frames will correct all aspects of your vision, such as peripheral vision. If you were to choose round lenses based on aesthetics alone, you may find that the correction to field of vision is not adequate, even though the glasses look great on your face.

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