Common Myths About Floaters

Eye Conditions Chesapeake, VA We’ve all had them. Those pesky little dots that seem to float in mid-air and move in every direction with our eyes. Floaters happen for a number of reasons, and an eye exam can ease your concerns, and we want to share some of our favorite myths about floaters.

Myth #1: You Will Lose Your Vision If You Have Floaters

Floaters are interesting little characters. From your perspective, they seem to be colored and irregular in shape. Under examination, though, floaters reveal themselves to be transparent spots, strings, miniature webs and other shapes. These abstract designs are typically caused by the collection of collagen at the back of the eye, even though they appear to be at the front of the eye. Floaters do not threaten your eyesight. They simply make vision a little entertaining at times.

Myth #2: Rush to the Hospital If You Have Floaters

Not only do floaters pose no threat to your vision, they also do not indicate a medical emergency. The vitreous humour where the floaters originate breaks down naturally as we age, similar to how our skin breaks down and forms wrinkles. The only time that floaters constitute a medical emergency is if they are seen in conjunction with flashes of light. The combination of floaters and flashes may indicate that the vitreous humour is pulling on the retina of your eye, and this could cause retinal detachment.

Myth #3: A Person Who Has Cataract Surgery Should Not Have Floaters

Cataract surgery that involves the use of laser technologies may cause floaters or leave some floaters intact. You can minimize your risk of developing floaters during cataract surgery by entrusting the procedure to the surgeons of Southside Eye Center.

Myth #4: Floaters are Caused By Stress

If floaters were linked to stress, the condition would occur in almost every person over 18 years old. Floaters develop as part of aging when collagen breaks down inside the eyes. You can have floaters in one eye or both eyes.

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