Understanding Uveitis

Eye Conditions Chesapeake, VA The area between your eye lens and retina is known as the “uvea.” The uvea helps with light absorption in the eye, as well as the delivery of essential nutrients that keep your eye healthy. When the uvea is inflamed, you have a condition that is known as “uveitis.”

What Causes Uveitis?

Injuries to the eye, immune system disorders and infections are the most common causes of uveitis. You may have uveitis if you experience:

  • Extreme sensitivity to light
  • Redness that may be accompanied by pain
  • “Floaters” that appear in your vision suddenly
  • Blurry or distorted vision

Inflammation of the uvea is diagnosed through a series of imaging tests, as well as through an examination and study of the fluids in your eye.

How Long Does the Inflammation Last?

The uvea has three distinct areas, and the inflammation may affect one or more of the areas. Uveitis that affects the front portion of the uvea appears suddenly and may last for up to two months. This type of uveitis may only occur one time or the condition may be chronic. Inflammation in the center portion of the uvea is long-lasting and may causes problems for a few months or years. The symptoms may improve for a period and then return. Inflammation in the back portion of the uvea typically develops gradually, and the condition may not improve for many years.

What are the Treatment Options for Uveitis?

Treatment for uveitis is based upon the nature of the condition. Treating the inflammation soon after diagnosis is key to protecting your eyesight. Steroid eyedrops are the most common treatment for uveitis, and your eyecare specialist may also recommend oral medications and injections.

What If I Do Not Treat My Uveitis?

Some types of uveitis cause fluid to build up inside your eye. The fluid may place pressure on the optic nerve and cause permanent damage and vision loss.

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