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Eye Conditions Chesapeake, VA Springtime brings about a rebirth of nature. Flowers bloom, trees come alive with new leaves and the songs of birds fill the air. All this activity transforms the outdoors into a lush, lively scene that makes winter a distant memory. You step out into the sunlight to breathe fresh air and look around at all the new colors. The moment is lost, though, when your eyes tear up, and you feel a stinging and burning that has you scampering back indoors. Welcome to allergy season. Dry eyes and excessive tearing are natural response to springtime, but with a few simple changes, you can enjoy the season.

Calming At-Home Treatments

When your eyes are as red as the fresh roses, it’s time to try some calming treatments. Rubbing your eyes may feel good at first, but you can cause more harm than good. Pollen and debris in your eyes may scratch the cornea, and rubbing also damages small blood vessels, making your eyes even redder. Apply cucumbers slices or a soft washcloth soaked in chamomile to ease the irritation. After about ten minutes, your eyes will feel much better.

Wear Your Specs

Having a pair of eyeglasses at home is always a good idea for wearing at bedtime or in the morning, and your specs can also help during allergy season. Try to wear your contact lenses less often when you have active allergies. This helps to prevent irritants from getting trapped under the lens.

Cool Shades

Using sunglasses and protective eyewear keeps your eyes from drying out, and this helps your eyes to flush out any small particles. These cool little accessories also protect your eyes on windy days. We recommended polarized lenses, and our optical shop can help you find a prescription pair of sunglasses that match your lifestyle and personality.

Speak with Your Eye Care Professional

Redness, tearing and dry eye can be signs of other conditions. If you try our tips for managing allergy eyes and still have symptoms, schedule an eye exam. We will diagnose the problem and recommend treatments.

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