FAQ’s about presbyopia

If you’ve been noticing that you’re holding objects further from your eyes to see then clearly, it may be time for an eye examination to check for a condition known as presbyopia. At Southside Eye Care in Chesapeake, VA, we can evaluate patients for this condition that is often associated with patients around the age of 40 and onward. Below are some of the more commonly asked questions about presbyopia:

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a worsening of one’s near vision. Patients may notice that it is more difficult to focus on items nearby and may find themselves stepping away from objects to see them clearer or putting objects further back for clarity. This vision decrease is commonly associated with aging, though the condition can impact anyone at any age.

What causes presbyopia?

The natural lenses in the eye can become more rigid with time, which makes it harder for the eyes to adjust and focus as they did before. This condition often worsens with time.

What symptoms are associated with presbyopia?

Patients with presbyopia may notice the following symptoms which should be discussed with a medical professional to obtain a proper diagnosis:

  • Squinting the eyes to read
  • Holding reading materials farther away
  • Chronic headaches
  • Increased eye strain
  • Use of more light to read clearer

What treatment options can correct presbyopia?

When patients have received a diagnosis of presbyopia, they may want to find out more about ways to address the condition effectively to reduce eye strain and improve vision acuity. Below are just a few of the suggestions that may be made by our team at Southside Eye Care:

  • Reading glasses
  • Bifocals
  • Multifocal glasses
  • Monovision

Are you concerned about presbyopia?

If you are noticing changes to your daily habits, including reading a book or texting on a phone at a further distance than before, it may be time to speak to the team at Southside Eye Care about getting an evaluation performed for presbyopia. Chesapeake, VA area patients who are interested in an evaluation can call the office at (757) 484-0101 to request an examination with our professionals ready to assist!


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