Southside Eye Care Specialists Educate Patients on the Need for Cataract Surgery

Patients in Chesapeake, VA who have been diagnosed with a cataract in one or both eyes may be unsure as to the treatment options available to them. While a cataract can result in blurred vision and nearsightedness that can be corrected with new prescription eyeglasses, the only true way to treat cataracts is with eye surgery.

What can I do to prevent cataracts?

Currently, the medical field has been unable to determine a way to prevent cataracts from forming. There are no medications or eye drops that can keep cataracts from developing or reverse their formation. Instead, patients who are diagnosed with cataracts will need to discuss with their ophthalmologist if they require surgical intervention.

When should a cataract be removed with surgery?

Many patients do fine living with cataracts. When cataracts are mild, they often do not result in blurry vision or interfere with one’s daily living. In cases such as these, new prescription glasses are often the best way to address any possible symptoms.

In some cases, however, patients may choose to move forward with cataract surgery. This is especially true if the patient is experiencing an impact in their daily life. They may deal with problems such as:

  • Reading clearly
  • Seeing road signs while driving
  • Glare during night driving
  • Problems engaging in hobbies such as crocheting

When these issues begin to arise, it may be time for a patient to consider the benefits of cataract surgery.

What if the cataract hardens?

If patients leave their cataracts for an extended period of time, it may result in hardening. This more advanced stage can make the developed cataract more difficult for the doctor to remove. By speaking with your ophthalmologist at Southside Eye Care, you can determine the right time to address your cataracts with surgical intervention.

Learn about cataract surgery with one of our ophthalmologists today!

Call the team of Southside Eye Care today to speak to any one of our trained professionals about the possible need for cataract surgery. The practice is located at 3206 Churchland Boulevard in Chesapeake, VA and appointments can be made by calling (757) 484-0101. Our doctors, including Drs. Michael Keverline, Theodore Hallberg, and Elizbeth Chiang, are here to assist you with your vision health and needs.


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