Tips for Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses

Focus on contact lens on finger of young woman.
Focus on contact lens on finger of young woman.

Contact lenses are amazing little devices when you think about it – little pieces of plastic that can help you to see clearly without the hassle of wearing glasses. Once you get used to wearing them, you probably won’t put much thought into them at all. However, for your eye health and comfort, there are some things you should do to take care of your contacts.

Contact Care

If you are new to wearing contacts, you may need a few tips on how to take care of them – but people who have worn them for years might need a refresher as well. Make sure you:

  • Wash your hands. Before handling your contacts, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly so that dirt, germs, and debris don’t get on your contacts and into your eyes.
  • Don’t wear them longer than you are supposed to. Some lenses are for long-term use, but others are only made to be worn for a day or a couple of weeks. Make sure you follow your eye doctor’s instructions for wear.
  • Take them out before bed. Your eyes need a chance to “breathe” without your contacts in, and sleeping with contacts in can increase the risk of eye infection.
  • Only use contact solution for cleaning. Don’t use water or saliva (yes, it has happened!) to clean or store your contacts; use only contact lens solution. Also, throw out your contact lens solution if it has expired (it can go bad).
  • Don’t rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes when your contacts are in can cause them to rip, ruining your contact and irritating the eye.
  • See your doctor. If you are having any problems with your contacts, see your doctor right away.
  • Read the label. If you are using eyedrops, make sure you read the instructions first. Some eyedrops are made to put in while you are wearing contacts, but for other kinds you should take out your contacts first.

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