What Your Kid Needs To Be Ready for A New School Year

eye exam Norfolk, VA The new school year is just around the corner, so are your kids ready for another year of learning? A little bit of planning can help prevent the craziness that comes from the first few weeks of school. Your kids are adjusting to waking up early, learning where classes are, and making new friends. That’s not the time to add in any extra work. So, keep reading for a quick breakdown of what you should take care of now, and make your kids’ back to school experience more successful.


While you might be tempted to have your kids fill up the rest of their notebooks from last year, starting with a fresh notebook for every class won’t cost too much. Plus, having a new, crisp notebook helps your kid differentiate what they learned last year from this year. Keep them organized with a backpack or book bag and ensure they have new pencils or pens to take notes.


Hello, sales! Fall is a big sale time for the fashion industry, so it’s a great time to stock up on essentials that your kids will use throughout the year. Don’t go overboard. A few key staples can help your child head back to school with confidence. Consider a new pair of shoes or jeans to get them through another year of playing in the rain, running around in the schoolyard, and riding skateboards with friends.

An Eye Exam

Did you know that many kids who have issues seeing the whiteboard or textbooks don’t realize there’s an issue at all? Many kids don’t realize what they should be able to see, so they won’t alert you if they need an eye exam. Setting your child up for a successful school year can be as easy as scheduling a back-to-school eye exam. Healthy eyes help your child learn better.

If your child hasn’t had an eye exam in a year, give us a call to make an appointment today. Call us at (757) 484-0101 to schedule a back-to-school eye exam and give your child a great school year.


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