What’s The Difference Between LASIK and iLASIK?

lasik If you’re considering vision enhancement through laser eye surgery, you may have come across two terms: LASIK and iLASIK. While both are advanced procedures, there are some key differences between the two. 

At Southside Eye Care, we can help you explore the benefits and technology behind iLASIK, an exclusive combination of IntraLase and CustomVue technologies, and explain how it sets itself apart from conventional LASIK.

Benefits of iLASIK Over Regular LASIK 

iLASIK at Southside Eye Care offers several important advantages over LASIK. 

The procedure relies on wavefront diagnostic technology, creating custom-designed corneal flaps with exceptional accuracy.

This personalized approach ensures that each patient’s vision is enhanced to the best possible level, delivering superior results when compared to traditional LASIK surgery. 


The Blade-Free Advancement IntraLase is a blade-free LASIK vision correction procedure. This state-of-the-art technique eliminates the need for a metal blade during surgery. Instead, it uses IntraLase laser technology to create the corneal flap required for LASIK. 

So how does it work? The laser applies rapid pulses of energy to the cornea, creating microscopic bubbles below the surface. These bubbles form a perforation that is then lifted aside by the surgeon, allowing for incredibly precise vision correction. The blade-free approach provides enhanced safety, making it especially beneficial for those patients who feel uneasy about traditional LASIK.

Advanced CustomVue – Personalized Refractive Correction 

Advanced CustomVue is a technology that combines WaveScan WaveFront and the STAR S4 Excimer Laser system for high-definition, high-accuracy LASIK vision correction. 

CustomVue uses data gathered from the patient’s eyes to perform customized refractive surgeries, addressing specific refractive errors. This personalized approach ensures the best post-operative vision quality possible, and the FDA has approved it for various refractive errors, including myopia, hyperopia, and mixed astigmatism.

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