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Asian senior couple wear brown aprons are holding red cookies cutters in heart shape over their eyes Anyone who has ever had an eye injury no doubt regrets that it happened and, if it was the result of not wearing eye protection, regrets not taking proper care of their eyes as well. Wearing the proper eye protection is an easy thing to do and is very important, for both your eyesight and your future.

What kind of eye protection do you need?

If you are in a profession with an increased risk of eye injury, such as one that involves chemicals, or you are in the construction or electrical industry, you are (hopefully) already aware of the need to protect your eyes.

But it is not enough just to cover the eyes – you must make sure you are wearing the proper eye protection. For instance, safety glasses look like normal, everyday glasses, but they have strong, durable lenses and frames to protect the eyes from dust and flying debris. Full face shields provide protection against bloodborne pathogens and chemicals. If you work with chemicals your goggles should wrap around to the sides of the eyes as well, to protect the eyes from any chemicals that may splash. When welding, in addition to wearing a helmet you should also wear safety glasses or goggles underneath the helmet.

Contact lenses should not be worn if you are working where there might be hazardous chemical fumes, but they can be a good idea in other workplaces. They don’t provide protection, but contact lenses can provide a wider field of vision than just glasses, and they can make it easier and more comfortable to wear the proper eye protection.

You should always check your eye protection before wearing to make sure that it is in good shape. Make sure it isn’t scratched or dirty, and always wear protection that fits you properly.

If your eyes are injured, you should get medical attention as soon as possible. Wearing the proper eye protection can save you a lifetime of regret. If you have sustained an eye injury, or you just need an eye exam, you can depend on Southside Eye Care for expert help. Call (757) 484-0101 for an appointment today!


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