What is tear duct obstruction?

Your tear ducts are used to produce tears for the eyes. These tears have many purposes. They help keep the eyes moist and healthy, while also washing away dirt and debris. The tears also nourish the allow, allowing it to stay lubricated. Each time you blink, your tears are helping in maintaining the proper balance of moisture.

However, there are times when the tear film may not be as nourishing as it should be. Patients might experience problems such as irritation, redness, and burning. Additionally, this can cause vision issues such as blurriness. The nasolacrimal duct is a tear duct that helps in maintaining the proper balance of tears, and if it is blocked, it can result in dry eyes. There may be mucus or discharge from the eyes. In situations such as this, there are a few solutions that can help.

Addressing blocked tear ducts

There are a few ways to address a blocked nasolacrimal duct. In mild cases, the use of a warm compress on the eye several times a day can help relieve the blockage. Some patients who have a severe blockage may require a certain procedure performed at the eye doctor to open up the duct and allow the tears to flow normally across the eyes. Blocked tear ducts are nothing to be worried about, and commonly happen in young babies who have not had their duct formed properly. With a quick fix, most patients can eliminate the problems associated with this condition and find a solution that helps their eyes remain moist and fully functioning!

How does a doctor diagnosed tear duct obstruction?

In most situations, a simple physical evaluation of the eye and the tear duct, in conjunction with the reported symptoms, can help a doctor diagnose the issue and help patients find a solution.

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