Why many patients choose contact lenses over traditional prescription eyewear

Whether you choose to wear contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses for vision correction, the team at Southside Eye Care can help. Many patients are torn between the two options, and might want to learn more about each to make an educated decision. The choice between these two options will often vary depending on several factors, including personal preferences. Some of the factors may include one’s lifestyle, budget, aesthetics, and convenience. 

Neither option is better than another, but having the choice allows patients to think about which treatment is right for their needs. If you are struggling trying to decide between the two options, here are a few things to think about when making a choice: 

  • Eyeglasses require little cleaning and minimal maintenance, while contact lenses require daily attention.
  • Contact lenses can increase one’s risk of infection, as they are handled with the hands and require touching of the eye.
  • Because eyeglasses don’t need to be replaced often (or daily, as some contact lenses do), they are much more economical for patients.
  • Eyeglasses can be fabricated with special lenses that can darken in the sunlight to protect the eyes from UV light.
  • Some patients choose eyeglasses because they can make a statement and show their fashion style.
  • Patients with conditions such as dry eye may find that wearing contact lenses makes the dryness worse and can become uncomfortable to wear.
  • Because contact lenses rest directly on the eye, there is no peripheral vision loss.
  • Contact lenses make it easier to participate in outdoor activities and high-impact sports without the fear of breaking expensive eyeglasses.
  • Contact lenses allow you the option to change the color of your eyes with special color contact lenses.
  • Contact lenses can eliminate fogging of eyeglasses that can typically occur during mask-wearing, which continues to be mandated in many areas due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get the help you need choosing the right vision correction for your lifestyle 

At Southside Eye Care, we understand that clear vision impacts one’s overall quality of life, and that choosing a correction method can be a difficult choice for some. Our doctors in Chesapeake, VA are here to help. Call our office at (757) 484-0101 to book a consultation visit with our team at 3206 Churchland Boulevard to learn more about contact lenses versus prescription eyeglasses.


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