Shopping For Glasses Online vs.. In Person

Optical Shop Chesapeake, VA Glasses are an amazing mix of form and function. They help us see better, but also help us make a statement and tell the world who we are. Whether you are a glasses wearer or you prefer contacts, we recommend having at least one pair of glasses with your current prescription on hand. Why? Because glasses are easy to put on in case of an emergency, and will also give your eyes a break from contacts at night or on weekends.

With so many options for places to shop for glasses now, we put together a little information on how shopping for glasses online works. Keep reading to learn what you’ll need to shop online for glasses frames, and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

Getting Started

Before you buy glasses online, you need some information. You’ll need your current prescription, obviously, but you will also need some other measurements. One of the most important measurements is your PD, or the distance between the pupils of the eyes. This ensures your glasses give you the best vision. Taking this measurement yourself can be difficult, and can result in glasses that are not optimized for you.

We do all of the measuring in house to make sure your glasses fit you as perfectly as possible. If you don’t want to take the risk, shopping in store with us can help make buying glasses a more pleasurable experience.

The Right Fit

We’ve all bought something online and gotten something very different, right? Sometimes an item looks bigger or more quality in pictures online. Making sure to look at all measurements and materials can help prevent this issue for you when you shop online for frames.

Great Service

What happens if something happens to your glasses? Online retailers might not offer repairs or returns, especially if you bought your frames during a sale. Don’t get stuck with inferior glasses. We offer excellent service throughout the whole glasses-buying process. From accurate measurements to trying on frames to working with you on repairs, we can help you find the best frames.

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