What is iLASIK and Am I A Good Candidate?

Lasik Eye Surgery Chesapeake VA The future of corrective laser surgery is here. First came PRK, then came LASIK, but now we have a whole new improved version: iLASIK. But how does iLASIK differ from LASIK? Keep reading to learn more about the differences between iLASIK and LASIK, and if you might be a good candidate for the procedure.

Just when we thought LASIK couldn’t get any better, it did. iLASIK utilizes a combination of IntraLase and CustomVue technologies to create a more refined and accurate procedure.

One of the biggest differences between LASIK and iLASIK is the replacement of LASIK’s microkeratome blade with extremely precise IntraLase® laser technology. This laser is able to create tiny bubbles at the exact desired place in the cornea just underneath the corneal surface. These bubbles mimic the precise cut of a knife without the use of a knife at all. Because they are so fine and perfectly spaced, they allow the surgeon to lift aside the flap they create. The rest of the procedure is quite similar to traditional LASIK. By utilizing IntraLase technology, iLASIK is less likely to result in flap complications: a very important improvement that helps streamline recovery.

There is one other very important improvement when it comes to iLASIK: the Advanced CustomVue laser. This laser allows for a more precise vision correction because the technology allows us to better customize the procedure to each patient and the issue of the eye in question.

Good candidates will be above the age of 18 and should experience overall good eye health. Your eyes should also have stabilized in their prescription for a at least a year before you consider iLASIK. Certain autoimmune diseases might mean that iLASIK is not the best option for you. iLASIK has been proven to be very safe and effective in patients, though best results are found with patients who are able to follow instructions after the procedure is over. Plan your procedure knowing that you should not wear eye makeup, swim, or rub your eyes for at least two weeks afterward.

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