Am I A Candidate For ILasik?

At Southside Eye Care, our doctors offer a selection of services for Chesapeake, VA area patients who are dealing with poor vision. iLasik is a procedure offered by our doctors, Drs. Michael Keverline and Theodore Hallberg that can be used to improve eyesight and eliminate the patient’s need for contacts or eyeglasses. Eliminating corrective lenses can be freeing for many men and women. However, many patients schedule a consultation with our team to determine if they are an appropriate candidate.

Who Is A Good Candidate For ILasik?

iLasik does require patients to have certain criteria to ensure they are proper candidates and will achieve the results they desire with treatment. The best candidates for iLasik are individuals:

  • Who have otherwise healthy eyes free from infection, injury, conjunctivitis, or even severe dry eye syndrome. This is important because they can interfere with the healing process following iLasik and can cause treatment to be problematic.
  • With sufficient thickness of the cornea. Laser eye surgery performed on patients who have thin corneas could compromise the final results and impair a patient’s vision.
  • Who do not have large pupils. Patients with pupils that are naturally large may be at an increased risk of side effects if they undergo iLasik surgery. Some of these side effects may include the presence of glare, halos, and starburst in low light conditions, which can impact evening activities or even night driving.
  • With appropriate prescription strengths. If a patient has a very high prescription strength for corrective lenses, and conditions such as astigmatism, the doctor may advise against undergoing iLasik as it can increase the potential of complications.
  • Who are adult patients over the age of 21.
  • With stabilized vision. Patients who have had no or minimal changes to their vision for eyeglasses and contacts may be a better candidate than a younger patient with changing prescriptions every year.
  • With realistic expectations. While most patients enjoy dramatic improvements in their vision with iLasik, it is important that patients take into consideration risks and side effects that can occur. With a proper assessment from a doctor and a consultation appointment, most patients can find out if they are a viable candidate for iLasik treatment.

Connect With The Team Of Southside Eye Care

If you are concerned about candidacy for iLasik and other procedures available at our practice, we encourage you to book a consultation and initial assessment with Drs. Michael Keverline andTheodore Hallberg. The practice is located in Chesapeake, VA at 3206 Churchland Boulevard, and can be reached for an appointment at (757) 484-0101.


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