What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer Vision Chesapeake VA Though digital screens have transformed our work and personal lives, there are some concerns about all of that time spent on screens. Computer Vision Syndrome is a real and ever-present issue that comes from all that screen time. Keep reading to learn about Computer Vision Syndrome and how to prevent it.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Also referred to as Digital Eye Strain, Computer Vision Syndrome refers to many eye issues that may arise after too much time spent looking at a digital screen. Eye pain, fatigue, dry eyes, and blurred vision can all be experienced as a result of screen time. This is because your eyes don’t blink as readily when you’re focusing on a screen: thus, dry eyes or red eyes. Eyes are focusing on numerous things all on your screen, and that constant refocusing is harder when done on screen. The blue light from digital screens is also damaging to eyes, and has even been linked to poor sleep.

Who is at risk?

We are all at risk of developing issues and side effects from staring at our screens for just a little too long. Those of us who are over the age of forty, or who wear contacts or glasses, are at special risk for Computer Vision Syndrome. This is because those members of the population who have more fragile eyes have a harder time with the damaging aspects of screen time. If you wear contacts or glasses, consider looking into a screen protector to cut down on some of the harsh blue light.

How can I prevent Computer Vision Syndrome?

Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome can be as simple as spending less time on screens. Try to give your eyes different distances to focus on, which will allow each muscle to work equally. The main issue with Computer Vision Syndrome is that one set of muscles is constantly working, and isn’t given rest. Try looking up from your computer every twenty minutes, just for twenty seconds, and focus on something twenty feet away. This is called the 20/20/20 rule.

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