Keeping Your Eyes Healthy This Winter

Eye Health | Chesapeake, VA Winter is a hard season for us all around. Our skin gets dry and cracked, our noses get red and stuffy, and we may even get sick. But, it’s when our eyes are affected that we get really upset. Dry, irritated eyes can keep you from being in the moment at dinner with your family. Instead of letting cold, dry air and other winter afflictions take control, keep your eyes healthy this winter with some of the following tips.

Dry Eyes During Winter

If you wear contact lenses, winter may be especially dry for you. That’s because contact lenses cut down a little on how much your eyes can breathe. If you find yourself with dry eyes, consider wearing your glasses more often, or buy some rewetting drops to keep your eyes happy and healthy.

Winter Parties

Your eye health could be in danger when you’re getting ready for a party, or running into an old friend at an open house. How? Because when sharing eye makeup is common, eye issues aren’t far behind. If you have a friend who wants to borrow eyeliner or your mascara for a quick touch-up, try to find a nice way to say no. Sharing eye makeup can transfer bacteria that can lead to an infection, or even pink eye.


If you’re the outdoorsy type, you probably already know to bring along sunglasses when you’re out on long hikes or excursions. But, did you know that sunglasses and UV protection are just as important in the winter? Even though the days are shorter, sunlight reflecting off the snow can cause damage to your eyes. If you’re skiing or snowshoeing this year, bring along sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes and help you see better in the sun’s glare.

Start the New Year Right

Is there a better time to have your annual eye exam than the new year? It’s a great time to recommit to your eye health and take advantage of a fancy new insurance policy that covers everything you need!

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