It’s Time to Get Prepared for Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive eye exam, eye doctor Whether you’re a child in school or an adult, examinations can be scary. Eye exams are no different, especially if you’re worried about what to say or bring. We hope to alleviate some of those concerns when you read our blog about getting prepared for a comprehensive eye examination.

Preparation Tips by Eye Physicians

Find a Reputable Ophthalmologist

Perhaps the most important tip to a successful comprehensive eye examination is to find a reputable eye doctor. Unfortunately, not all doctors are made equal. Some doctors may miss the signs that you have a moderate or severe eye disorder. Others may prescribe medication that isn’t ideal for treating your specific eye condition. Either scenario will only delay your treatment and recovery.

Moreover, you should look for an eye doctor who makes you feel comfortable. Your doctor should listen carefully to your concerns and treat you like you’re the first patient being seen that day, even if you’re the last. If you have a healthy relationship with your doctor, you will feel more at ease discussing the problems you’re having with your eyes.

Pay Attention to Your Symptoms

Many times, we try to explain away our symptoms, but you should always tell the eye doctor about every eye problem you’ve been experiencing. You may assume that your symptoms are minor, but that is not always the case. For example, suppose you thought your eyes hurt because you stared at a computer screen all day. Only after a comprehensive eye exam did you learn that your eye pain is due to uveitis.

Know Your Family’s Medical History

You may be predisposed to certain eye disorders. You may also have a predisposition for cardiovascular conditions, like diabetes or heart disease, that makes you more prone to developing an eye disorder. For example, people with diabetes are two to five times more likely to develop cataracts than people who are not diabetic.

Keep Track of Your Eye Prescription History

You should bring your current contact lenses or eyeglasses to the exam or keep a log of the eyeglasses and contact lenses you’ve worn. The eye physician will be better informed about whether your prescriptions are working if she or he knows what you wear.

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