How Ophthalmologic Medicine is Changing to Keep You Well

Late last year Americans heard of the devastating Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) and the incredible steps leaders in Wuhan Province of China were taking to stop the progression of the disease.   I recall thinking how scary and sad for the Chinese people.

Shortly after, the story was repeating in Italy.  Italians were asked to stay home in self– quarantine.  The news showed Italian neighbors playing and singing “alone – together” from their balconies.  Each making individual efforts to flatten the transmission curve by staying home.

In March the virus was detected in US cruise – goers returning home, becoming undiagnosed carriers of the virus into US cities and states.  First Washington State, then a generous sprinkling from coast to coast and now New York State is being hammered.  The concentric circles continue to expand with people unintentionally passing the virus from person to person, exposing friends, family and co-workers.

Now we Americans are finding ways to shift old paradigms, modify behaviors and change the world.   Shaking hands, hugging and kissing have been replaced by arms-spans of social distance, the squint of a smile (concealed by a mask) a slight bow with hands pressed together or a nod of acknowledgement.  We get it, we are friendly people and want to keep others well.  We assume that “ALL/ANY” of us may have been exposed, so we will protect you, while protecting ourselves.

That brings us to changes in medical support.  It doesn’t make sense for people to put themselves at risk of exposure if there is a safer way.  Our Doctors, techs and support staff have adopted a number of new processes, intended to keep you safe in this challenging time:

–   We see people by appointment only.  If you have an emergency, we will schedule and get you in – but we don’t want you to sit in a waiting room with others.
–    We are screening people at the door.  It’s a simple screen (no studying required).  We want to be sure you are well before you come inside.
–    We are scheduling appointments further apart and asking folks to fill out their paperwork in the car (if anyone else is in the waiting area).  We want to help you stay distanced and reduce your potential exposures.
–  If appropriate, our providers will see you by tele-medical tools & video conference.
–  When appropriate, our schedulers will offer drive through appointments.   We’ll provide your entire visit without asking you to leave your car.

Southside Eye Care, our Doctors, Technicians, Opticians, and Support Staff are all doing their part to keep each of us “ALONE-TOGETHER” safe and well.


By:  Tricia Richardson, Administrator


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