Floaters: How Do I Treat Them?

Flashers and Floaters, Chesapeake, VA Do you have those annoying little dots that get in the way of your vision, floating around and moving with your eyes? What can be done? Sometimes floaters are a sign of something more serious going on with the eyes, but often they’re harmless. If they’re constantly bothering you, though, you may be interested in treatment. Keep reading to learn more about floaters and what we can do to help you get rid of them.

What are they?

Floaters come in many different shapes and sizes. They may come in different colors and irregular shapes when you notice them floating across your vision. Floaters are actually transparent spots, strings, miniature webs and other shapes, which can be seen under closer inspection. Collagen that has collected at the back of the eye makes these designs appear at the forefront of your vision. They are harmless and generally go away quite quickly.

Are they dangerous?

Floaters are not dangerous, though you may have been cautioned about seeing things by your eye doctor. Your eye doctor may have cautioned you about seeing flashing lights or consistent floaters, especially if you have a high prescription. If you suffer from an eye condition that your physician is concerned about, listen to them. This is because the retina of the eye could be damaged. So, if you see flashes of light, definitely call your eye doctor. But, if you have normal vision or a lower prescription, then floaters are not harmful.

Laser Floater Treatment

Did you know that we’re the only center in South East Virginia to help you treat this issue? We utilize a specially designed YAG laser to vaporize the vitreous strands that cause disturbances to your vision.

During the procedure, the laser emits short bursts of energy right where we want it to. This laser energy converts the collagen and hyaluronin molecules within the floater into a gas, which is then reabsorbed into the eye. This treatment is quick and requires no downtime. If you suffer from numerous floaters that distract from what you’re looking at, this treatment may be for you!

Southside Eye Care proudly serves Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia Beach Virginia and the surrounding areas. For more information on Laser Floater Treatment call us at (757) 484-0101 today.


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