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Eye Care Services Chesapeake, VA Taking care of your eyes has many benefits, from being able to perform tasks each day to protecting eyesight over your lifetime. Southside Eye Care offers a comprehensive range of services, such as routine eye care, cataract surgery and diabetic eye care, to help keep your eyes healthy and working properly. You can also take steps at home to protect your vision and eyes, such as using supplements.

Why are Supplements Helpful?

Our bodies rely on the nutrients that was ingest from foods. Unfortunately, the demands of modern life do not always allow us the time to carefully consider the nutritional composition of the foods we eat. Supplements help by filling in where our food intake falls short.

Do All Supplements Help with Eye Health?

The supplements market has evolved in recent years, and consumers have far more choices than in years past. If you go to your local drugstore, you will find a large assortment of vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements and much more. Companies that offer supplements have introduced specialized supplements, such as those for men and women, as well as supplements that contain natural herbs and similar types of ingredients. The choices that are presented to you can be overwhelming, and determining exactly which supplements meet your body’s needs is daunting. Your eyes may benefit from some of the micronutrients, but not all. Additionally, the formulations may represent varying levels of quality for each ingredient.

Where Can I Find High Quality Supplements for My Eyes?

At Southside Eye Care, we simply the process of finding supplements that will help protect your eyes and vision. We are partners with ScienceBased Health®, a leading provider of nutraceuticals for the eyes that are formulated based upon the results of clinical trials and extensive research. We can recommend supplements for:

  • General eye health
  • Combination supplements for the eyes and body
  • Dry eyes
  • Macular health problems
  • Optic nerve health

We have chosen ScienceBased Health® as our partner because the company maintains the highest quality standards in both the manufacturing process and ingredient selection.

Learn More About Supplements for Your Eyes. Contact Southside Eye Care.

To learn more about supplements for eye health, multi-focal implants, contact lenses and our other services, contact Southside Eye Care. Our office is in Chesapeake, Virginia, and you can contact us at (757) 484-0101.


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