Considering eye care solutions with vision insurance

The staff of Southside Eye Care in Chesapeake, VA understands the importance of routine vision care. However, many patients are unsure as to how they will pay for their vision examinations. Thankfully, many patients who have vision insurance plans through their work or through self-employment may enjoy many benefits that come with these insurance plans. Patients are encouraged to bring their vision insurance information with them to their appointment at our office so we can determine the benefits their unique plan provides.

What is covered with vision insurance?

There are various vision plans that are available across the area of Chesapeake, VA, and most of them will vary as to what they will cover in full, what they will partially cover, and what they will not cover. Below is a simple list of the covered costs for most vision insurance plans used today:

  • The cost of an annual eye examination
  • The cost of contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses
  • Discounted rates of vision correction services including PRK and LASIK
  • Reduced cost or coverage for specialty lenses for prescription eyeglasses, including anti-reflective coatings, photochromatic lenses, or progressive lenses

How do I know what coverage exists in my plan?

First and foremost, many patients can refer to the handbook they received when they signed up for their vision insurance, either through the government, their workplace, or private organizations. Each vision plan varies, making it difficult to determine the benefits available to a patient. Individuals who visit Southside Eye Care can provide our front office team with their vision insurance plan information, and we can help make sense of the benefits you can take full advantage of! Depending on the plan, patients may receive discounted rates or partial coverage of many common vision expenses.

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At Southside Eye Care in Chesapeake, VA, we are excited to offer solutions for new and current patients in the area who are seeking the best quality vision care in the community. Patients can request an appointment with Drs. Michael Keverline and Theodore Hallberg of Southside Eye Care by calling the primary line at (757) 484-0101. Our friendly front office team can schedule you for a consultation at our practice, conveniently located at 3206 Churchland Boulevard.


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