Are Your Allergies Giving You Itchy, Red Eyes?

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It’s that time of year again – time for nature to bloom and for allergies to start. It’s unfortunate that the sunshine and beautiful weather can lead to something so annoying. If you are feeling your allergies in your eyes, it may be time to visit your eye doctor for help. Here are some tips you can try at home to find relief.

Help for Itchy Eyes

It’s not really feasible to stay inside for the next few months so that you avoid things you are allergic to (and that might not really help too much if you did, anyway). When you feel that itchy, burning sensation in your eyes, try:

  • Avoiding and/or removing what you are allergic to. It can help to drive with your windows up and wear wrap around sunglasses to avoid getting pollen in your eyes. You can also try some things around the house to get rid of pollen and other allergens, such a using dehumidifier to control mold and changing bedding often.
  • Taking care of yourself. This includes taking a shower every night to get rid of any pollen that may be clinging to you and washing your hands after petting animals (they might have pollen on their fur), but it also means taking out your contact lenses every night and cleaning them, because allergens can attach to lenses, too. Another easy thing you can do to deal with itchy eyes is to apply a cold cloth.
  • Using eye drops. The trick to using eyedrops to help with itchy eyes is to find the right kind. Look for eye drops that say “antihistamine,” “anti-inflammatory,” or “multiple action” on the label. Other kinds of eye drops might work well for eye redness or dry eyes, but that doesn’t mean they will help with allergy symptoms.

Another thing to remember is that if you are having persistent problems with your eyes or if they are in pain, you should call your eye doctor instead of trying home remedies. There may be an underlying issue that only your doctor can help you with. Contact Southside Eye Care in Chesapeake, VA, at (757) 484-0101 for an appointment today!


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