Yes, You Should Take Your Contacts Out Before Bed!

Shot of a young woman putting on contact lenseshttp:// Contacts nowadays are so comfortable that by the end of the day, you may forget you even have them in. It may even be tempting to just leave them in while you sleep – what would it hurt, anyway? Read on for some things you should know about what happens when you sleep with your contacts in. 

So, is it OK to sleep with my contacts in?

The short answer is no. Even with contacts that are approved for overnight use, it is still preferable to take them out before bed. 

As your eyes are open all day, they get plenty of oxygen and create plenty of moisture, both of which help to remove bacteria from the surface of the eyes. When you sleep and your eyes are closed, your eyes don’t get as much oxygen, and there is a reduction in moisture. If you have your contacts in, your eyes get even less oxygen and less moisture, and bacteria has the chance to build up and can cause an infection. 

If, after wearing your contacts while you slept, you think you might have an infection, you should take out your contacts and call your doctor right away. If an eye infection is left untreated, it can permanently affect your eyes and even lead to blindness. 

What if I sleep with my contacts in on accident?

Most contact wearers have done this at one time or another. If you wake up and realize you still have them in, take them out as soon as you can and leave them out for the day. Watch for any signs of infection such as excessive watering of the eyes, discharge, redness, and blurred vision. 

It may be kind of a pain to take out your contacts at the end of the day when your pillow is calling to you. However, it is worth the few minutes it takes to remove them! Whether you are having a problem with your eyes or it is time for an eye exam, take care of your eyes, by calling Southside Eye Care! Call (757) 484-0101 for an appointment today.


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