June is cataract awareness month!

During the month of June, our team at Southside Eye Care encourages patients to become more aware of the development and treatment of cataracts. June is designated as Cataract Awareness Month, which makes it a great time to educate patients on this condition that can cause them to experience vision loss.

Cataracts are lenses within the eye that can become clouded and hazy. When this happens, it can cause the patient’s vision to be clouded and hazy as well. This is because the light that comes in through the eye and sends images to the retina are impacted by the clouded lens, causing patients to have trouble driving a car, reading a book, or even recognizing faces in the later stages.

How are cataracts diagnosed?

Our team of professionals at Southside Eye Care of Chesapeake, VA can provide a diagnosis of cataracts when patients come in for a comprehensive examination. Most patients experience the common signs of cataracts, which is what brings them into our office for an evaluation. Once cataracts have been diagnosed by a medical professional, treatment options are discussed.

What are the treatments available for patients with cataracts?

Cataracts range from mild to severe. During the earlier stages, no initial intervention is needed. Patients twill need to visit their eye doctor routinely for evaluations to monitor the development of cataracts. Once cataracts have reached the point where they are seriously disrupting one’s quality of life and significantly impacting their vision, surgical intervention is discussed. During surgery for cataracts, the clouded lens is replaced with a clear IOL (intraocular lens) which improves the vision dramatically.

Are you concerned that cataracts have developed?

It is important to seek the assistance of a professional if you are concerned about cataract development. We encourage patients to come to our practice in Chesapeake, VA for a comprehensive examination to determine if this condition has formed. Drs. Michael Keverline and Theodore Hallberg of Southside Eye Care are here to help you in addressing this and other vision concerns. Call (757) 484-0101 to request an appointment with our team, conveniently located at 3206 Churchland Boulevard.


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