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Dry Eye Treatment

Treatments for Dry Eye Due to Poor Tear Quantity

One type of dry eyes is a result of poor tear quantity, which means the amount of tears your eyes produce is inadequate.

If you are suffering from severe dry eye as a result of poor tear quantity, our doctors will check for systemic diseases and systemic symptoms like dry mouth and arthritis. They may also offer one or more of the following dry eye treatments:
Restasis Treatment
Each eye has its own tear gland that produces tears. This gland can become inflamed and decrease the gland’s production of tears. Doctors at Southside Eye Care may treat dry eye with anti-inflammatory medicines that increase tear production, such as Restasis. Restasis treats the inflammation of the tear gland and helps it to regain function. Restasis can be used long term with few side effects.
Punctal plugs
The upper and lower eyelids have small holes near the corner of our eyes called punctas. These are the openings of the tear drainage system for the eyes. One strategy in treating dry eyes is blocking these drains with punctal plugs. They are easily inserted in the office and help the tears to stay longer in the eye. It is similar to blocking the drain in a kitchen sink so the “water” or tears stay longer in the eye.
Punctal Occlusion
Permanently sealing all of the small openings in the corners of the eyes near the nose, through which tears drain. This is done in order to improve the lubrication of the eye surface by slowing down tear drainage in people who are aqueous deficient
Artificial Tears
Another common treatment for dry eye caused by poor tear quantity is artificial tears in the form of eye drops, gels and ointments. These over the counter remedies can supplement the eyes’ lack of tears.
For patients suffering from dry eye as a result of poor tear quality, doctors at Southside Eye Care offer several dry eye treatments to help the oil glands’ production, which in turn helps tears to stay longer in the eye.
Eyelid Hygiene Treatment
One of the treatments we offer is an eyelid hygiene treatment with warm compresses and eyelid scrubs. A warm compress can be made with a hand towel that is heated with hot water from a sink. Some people find it helpful to use compresses made by putting dry rice into a clean sock and microwaving it.
Topical Prescription Medication
The doctors at Southside eye care may prescribe eye drops used to treat eyelid margin disease. This drop can be used for infections of the eyelids and also to help the oil glands on the eyelids to function properly. We may also prescribe anti-inflammatory oral medications that help the eyelids as treatment for dry eyes.
Moisture Chamber Goggles
To prevent premature evaporation of the tears there are other methods that can be used. Special goggles can be worn so the eyes are not exposed to drying environments. Some patients find sleeping with an eye mask and turning off their ceiling fans and use of a humidifier also help their dry eyes.
We recommend supplements to treat dry eyes with omega 3 fatty acid supplementation. These fatty acids are found in fish oil and flaxseed oil supplements.
Meibomian Gland Probing
The eyelids are treated with a hot compress to soften the oils and open the ducts. A topical numbing agent is applied to the eyelid margin for a few minutes. Under microscopic magnification, the oil glands are identified and individually opened with a special sterile probe.



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