Sabrina Carr

For approximately 10 years I considered laser correction surgery for my eyes but I was terrified. I had been wearing glasses for 29 years and contacts for 24 years. I had known people who went through with the procedure with great success. Turning 40 this year, I decided to at least see if I was […]

Michelle Hurst

Several years ago, the thought of being able to have my vision corrected was merely a dream. I was as close to blind that one could be without being “legally blind.” Waking up to noises in the middle of the night could be terrifying if I couldn’t fumble quickly enough to find my glasses. I […]

Jamal Johnson

“To anyone that is reading this, I’ll say this:  If you’re a candidate for the Lasik procedure and you’ve the monetary funds to afford it, I’d would highly recommend it. I shouldn’t have waited the 10 plus years I did going back and forth on considering getting it done.”

Joan Dickens

“I cannot even begin to tell you what wonderful care Dr Keverline and the whole staff took of my son. He had a brain injury, and Dr Keverline caught the damage to his optic nerve, and kept a close watch on him to make sure his sight was restored! I am so thankful that Dr […]

Alan Cannassa

“I have been a patient at Southside Eye Care for more than twenty years. Dr. Keverline and Dr. Hallberg are very caring professionals. They have treated me with compassion and are wonderful.. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I have always received excellent care and service. The optical shop staff has also been very […]

Ruth Houseman

“I’ve been a patient of Southside Eye Care for years. It is nice to be recognized when you go there. I feel like a friend, and I feel like they really care about my eyes. Even when I call with a quick question, I’m always treated in a friendly positive manner. I believe Dr. Keverline […]

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