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Southside Eye Care Testimonials

On LASIK Vision Correction:

My name is Erin Glace and I underwent the LASIK procedure at Southside Eye Care two years ago. Dr. Mike Keverline performed the procedure and I have recommended him and Southside Eye Care to all my friends. Dr. Keverline was highly professional and made me feel incredibly comfortable and at ease with my decision to have LASIK. As with most people, I was very apprehensive about my decision but all of my questions were answered. I was so impressed with Dr. Keverline’s knowledge and level of experience. He obviously takes his skills as a surgeon very seriously and I believe every patient is treated as an individual with different needs.

The procedure itself took a very short time and I was able to see clearly the next day. I have had contacts or glasses since the ninth grade and this totally astounded me to have this procedure and be able to completely rid myself of any type of glasses. I am able to be much more active without the headache (literally) of glasses or contacts. I can swim and be as active as I want to be. I can also wake up in the middle of the night and see the clock!  Yeah!- sometimes it is the little things like that that make you so happy.  I recommend Dr. Keverline enthusiastically and will tell anyone that LASIK can be truly positively life changing.

“It was nothing less than life changing.  It was absolutely the best thing I have ever done for myself.  I had to really look at a change when my vision began to grow worse.  Being close to the beach and having kids who love the water was making it increasingly difficult to use glasses and contacts because the glasses get foggy and contacts can be irritating at the beach.  LASIK was the perfect solution.  My vision is better than with contacts.”

—Erin Glace, The Shopper,


On Restor Lens Surgery:

During my evaluation, Dr. Keverline carefully explained the surgical procedure and recovery period to me. Then, he asked “how would you like not having to wear glasses anymore ”  I was taken by surprise and responded that I had never thought about it.

Glasses had been a part of me since I was eleven years old. He began to talk with me about the use of Restor lenses today along with the positive results achieved. With the removal of my cataracts, my lenses would have to be replaced with new ones at the time of surgery. He suggested that I might wish to consider Restor lens implants. The purpose would be to restore my vision to the level it was before I wore glasses.

I watched an educational DVD in the office and went home with handouts to study in considering my options. I decided the benefits of Restor lenses would far outweigh any negatives (Dr. Keverline explained that some people experience a halo effect especially when viewing lights at night.)

I could never express the excitement I felt then and still do today.  I can see everything wonderfully and it is fantastic not having to wear glasses ever again. The success I have experienced is without measure.  When Dr. Keverline asked me if I would do it again, my response was quick. My answer----in a heartbeat!

I am now an enthusiastic advocate for the use of Restor lens when the natural lens of your eye needs to be replaced.  My surgery was easy and free of complications.  The outcome was great.  I would highly recommend it for anyone in needs of lens replacement.

—Nancy Decker

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