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Eyelid Surgery

Complete eye health includes having healthy eyes and healthy eyelids.  Common eyelid problems include excess eyelid skin, droopy eyelids or eyelids that turn inward or outward.  These problems can cause eye discomfort, limit vision, and affect appearance.  Fortunately, they can be corrected with surgery.

Before and after photos of upper eyelid surgery

Excess eyelid skin may produce a heavy sensation as well as limit side vision (top); surgery can correct this condition (bottom).

Upper eyelids:  Upper eyelid drooping (ptosis) can be corrected with surgery during preschool years to improve appearance and make it easier for the child to see.  The type of surgery varies depending upon how much the eyelids droop.  Eyelid skin is the thinnest skin of the body, so it tends to stretch.  In the upper eyelid, this stretched skin may limit your peripheral vision.

Lower eyelids:  The same problem causes “bags” to form in the lower eyelids.  The excess skin in the upper eyelids can be removed surgically by a procedure called “blepharoplasty.” The procedure improves peripheral vision and other symptoms.  Removal of the excess skin in either the upper or lower eyelids may also improve appearance.  If excess fatty tissue is present, it may be removed at the same time.  Stretching of the lower eyelid from age may cause the eyelid to droop downward and turn outward.  This condition is called “ectropion.”  Eyelid burns or skin disease can also cause this problem.  Ectropion can cause dryness of the eyes, excessive tearing, redness and sensitivity to light and wind. Surgery usually restores the normal position of the eyelid, improving these symptoms.

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