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Laser Vision Procedure

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Q: What is VISX CustomVue (individualized laser vision) correction

A: VISX CustomVue individualized laser vision correction is WaveScan-driven, which, enables the physician to measure and correct unique imperfections in each individual’s vision.  Many of these imperfections could never be measured before.

Q: Who is a candidate for VISX CustomVue procedure

A: Anyone 21 years of age or older who wears glasses or contacts to correct nearsightedness and/or astigmatism may benefit from CustomVue.

Q: What is Personal Best Vision

A: Because every individual’s eyes are unique, each individual would benefit from a correction custom-tailored for them.  For the first time, CustomVue using WaveScan technology can measure and correct the unique characteristics of each individual’s vision, potentially providing them with the best possible vision for their eyes, or their Personal Best Vision.

Beyond and Better Than Glasses

Q: Is VISX CustomVue better than glasses and contacts

A: As shown in the FDA clinical study, VISX CustomVue can produce better vision than is possible with glasses and contact lenses.  Glasses and contacts are limited in their ability to correct unique imperfections in each individual’s vision.  In fact, thousands of individuals have the same prescription.  With the CustomVue procedure, no two prescriptions are identical.
Q: Will I need glasses or contacts after the CustomVue procedure

A: Probably not.  One year after the clinical study, all participants saw well enough to drive a car without glasses or contacts.  Ninety-eight percent had 20/20 vision however, individual results may vary. 


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