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Laser Correction Clinical Study Results

Q:   What were the visual acuity results of the FDA clinical study

A:    A significant result was that one year after the VISX CustomVue procedure: 
* 100% of participants could pass a driving test without glasses or contacts
* 98% of participants could see 20/20 or better without glasses or contacts
* 70% of participants could see better than 20/20 without glasses or contacts

Q:    What does better than 20/20 mean

A:    20/20 is the current standard for excellence in vision.  But, with the CustomVue procedure, individuals have the potential to see even better than 20/20.  In fact, one year after the CustomVue procedure more than 70% of clinical study participants saw 20/16 or better.

Q:   How could the CustomVue procedure affect my night vision

A:    Because CustomVue corrects the unique imperfections in each individual’s vision, it is likely that night vision will be improved.  In fact, in the clinical study, four times as many participants were very satisfied with their night vision after the procedure as compared to their night vision before with glasses or contacts.

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