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Laser Vision Correction

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Envision doing everyday tasks without having to depend on glasses or contact lenses.

Millions of people have dreamed of this very idea and with laser vision correction made their dreams reality. For almost twenty years, laser vision correction has liberated millions people from their dependency on contact lenses and glasses.  Over a million laser vision correction surgeries are performed each year. Southside Eye Care is committed to providing our patients with this cutting edge technology. We adopt new technologies to help facilitate precise decision making in order to provide our patients with their best personalized vision.

Amazing progress in excimer laser vision correction and technology has been made due to heavy patient demand.  When first performed in 1988, only low to moderately nearsighted prescriptions without astigmatism could be treated. Today, with newer excimer lasers, very low to moderately high degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness and  astigmatism can be effectively treated. Ask Dr. Keverline or his staff if you’re a candidate for laser vision correction.

After a comprehensive evaluation, which includes several meticulous measurements, Dr. Keverline determines whether a patient is a good candidate for laser vision correction. Southside Eye Care is recognized as the leader in comprehensive professional eye care and surgery.


The cost of laser vision correction varies from one practice to another. We invest in current modern laser equipment and skilled technicians to assure we achieve your best possible individual vision. It’s natural to shop for the lowest price possible; however, remember that in health care you are looking not only for price value, but for the service and expertise of your surgical team.

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