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Welcome - Welcome to Southside Eye Care "Your Total Eye Care Facility"
About Us - About Southside Eye Care
    Michael R. Keverline, M.D. - Ophthalmologist Michael R. Keverline, M.D.
    Theodore Hallberg, O.D. - Optometrist Theodore Hallberg, O.D.
    Robert Baker, M. D. - Retired Ophthalmologist Robert Baker, M. D.
    Elizabeth Chiang, M.D., PhD - Ophthalmologist Elizabeth Chiang, M.D., PhD
Our Technology - Technology Used at Southside Eye Care
Location + Hours - Southside Eye Care Location and Hours
Skin Rejuvenation-Facial Fillers - Aesthetic Facial Fillers
    Botox® - Botox®
    Restylane - Restylane - Classic/Lyft/Silk
    Radiesse - Radiesse
    Belotero - Belotero
    Xeomin - Xeomin
Laser Vision Correction - Laser Vision Correction
    VISX CustomVue - Laser Vision Procedure
    Wavescan - Wavescan
    Clinical Study Results - Laser Correction Clinical Study Results
    All-Laser Vision Correction - All-Laser Vision Correction
    Bladeless Vision Correction - Bladeless Laser Vision Correction
    Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Eye Care Questions
Cataracts - Cataract Treatment
    Astigmatism Correction - Astigmatism Correction
    Cataract Surgery - Cataract Surgery
    Multi-Focal Implants - Multi-Focal Implants
Contact Lenses - Contact Lenses
    Soft Lenses - Extended Wear - Extended Wear Contact Lenses
    Specialty - Colored Lenses - Specialty Colored Lenses
Other Procedures - Other Eye Care Procedures
    Glaucoma Surgery - Glaucoma Surgery
    Diabetic Eye Care - Diabetic Eye Care
    Eyelid Surgery - Eyelid Surgery
    Botox® - Botox®
    Dry Eye Treatment - Dry Eye Treatment
Common Eye Conditions - Common Eye Conditions
    Cataracts - Cataracts
    Open-angle Glaucoma - Open-angle Glaucoma
    Narrow-angle Glaucoma - Narrow-angle Glaucoma
    Diabetic Retinopathy - Diabetic Retinopathy
    Flashes and Floaters - Flashes and Floaters
    Macular Degeneration - Macular Degeneration
    Dry eye - Dry eye
    Blepharitis - Blepharitis
    Uveitis - Uveitis
Patient Resources - Useful Links and Eye Care Resources
Testimonials - Southside Eye Care Testimonials
The Optical Shoppe - The Optical Shoppe
Patient Payment Plan - Fast, easy and secure Patient Payment Plan!
Patient Center - Eye Care Product Special Offers
Patient Forms - Forms for New Patients
Dry Eye Center - Dry Eye Center
    Dry eye - Dry eye
    Dry Eye Treatment - Dry Eye Treatment

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